Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Charmed: Sight Unseen

Watched Charmed tonight, the episode Sight Unseen. So, we all know the TWoP recappers are mean. Funny, deliciously so at times, but mean. Because hey, despite their barbs, Leo was once quite the hottie, in his strange, Pekinese-nosed way.

Clothes again: that knitted nightmare that Prue was wearing, sleeveless and thick as brillo? Fuck me, that was fugly as sin. Also, there were many unsupported breasts in evidence, jouncing around in the hookerwear, more than I wanted to see, and that's kind of sad to have to confess.

Demon of the week: half a yummmmm.

Early Cole: full yummmmm. I rather like the way his mouth hangs open a little when he's thinking. Cole's fake righteous anger at being attacked is amusing, too. Yeah, he's cute. Balthazar: not so cute. Reminds me of Darth Maul. And wow, that's ever so surprising--it's not as if this show ever rips anything off from pop culture in egregious, embarrassing ways.

Phoebe Hair: gahhhh! I swear, she had flaxen, waxen Barbie hair, the kind you could melt with a Bic. The Wardrobe mistresses must conspire with Hair & Make-up over daiquiris on how to make the prima donnas look more dismal each week.

Single White FemAbbey: stupidest, most cliched villain ever. Did I need to see yet another quasi-lesbian stalker acting out her loser fantasies because she didn't have, according to the fuckwit writers, a boyfriend or any real career goals? And didja like how they pulled her character totally out of left ass--I mean, field? In that final moment when Prue TK'ed Abbey into the bureau, I had brief sympathy for her, because hello, Bitch Beast Prue? You're not too appealing there, hon. I understand the vengeance impulse, but the sense of snotty, privileged self-satisfaction coming off Dear Prudence in waves was way unpleasant, and surfaced again almost immediately when she interrogated the replacement bartender on her personal life in an inappropriate way.

Amazing how often Piper is able to stop bullets in that split second before they hit.


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