Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

It's a good day, but...

It's also one of those days when I can't stop wondering if my tongue is too big for my mouth. You're probably thinking I mean that figuratively. No. What if your whole life your tongue was too big for your mouth, but you didn't know it? I mean, what would you be able to compare it against? Nothing. I don't think my tongue is too big. It doesn't loll out or anything. But sometimes I become conscious of it. Too conscious. I can't help but ask myself: could my tongue be more comfortable? It's just one of those things that bugs me.

Unrelatedly. I found the following pic in my image folder. It's one of my favorite things. Every now and then I ask myself, "Am I a happy cow?"

ETA: By the way, it's probably not legible in the comic, but the title of the visiting cow's pamphlet is "Cowintology." *snerk*
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