Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

news of the me @ 9:17

I am stuffed with virtue. If I were an olive, my pimiento would be overflowing. Aside from my interlude with Bruce Campbell (Anna: "I'm sorry I'm so sweaty--I just ran here." Bruce: "Not a problem."), I also:

* diligently did lots of work
* had yogurt and fresh fruit for lunch instead of a pastry
* kicked ass in my session with my physical trainer
* shot hoops until the end of time (then time-travelled back here)
* was given a take-out tofu salad by accident instead of chicken and ate it for dinner anyway

Now I'm kind of wiped. I think I need to be one with my couch. Actually, I think I need to call a taxi to take me to my couch....

ETA: You know, the doctor said that the Adderall might kick in on the first dose, so I wonder about today. It would be great if every day I could feel this energized and focused. I'm curious and hopeful to see what the following week will bring.
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