Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I am so sweaty!

Maybe it's bragging, but I'm going to share my good-karma brownie points with the world. Anonymous karma points would probably be more humble, but pffft.

When I went down to our company cafe around 11:15 today to get a soda, I found out that Bruce Campbell was doing a book signing here at noon. The girl who runs the cafe told me. She was torn up, because her boss wouldn't let her go to the event and she was his "biggest fan!" Hee. She was adorable. Even though I'm not really a fan when it comes to celebrities, I said I'd go--what the hell, it could be fun--and buy a book for her and have it signed. She told me her name, gave me her money, etc.

So at noon I go and wait in line and then get seated; it turns out he's doing Q&A too, for half an hour, then the signing. So I sit and listen and I didn't mind at all; he was *awesome*. Just funny as hell and obviously a nice guy. I loved it.

So, then it's time for the signing and I discover a few things: 1) it's his policy only to sign books, though if you have a book, he will also sign something else, and 2) they had sold out of the books at the *beginning*. So I went and gave the cafe girl back her money and apologized. I was so bummed for her.

*Then* I thought, jeez, I spent all that time, I might as well *try* to get him to sign an envelope or something for her. So I grabbed one and went back in line. The event handler was taking names to put on post-its, and she said with regret that I had to have a book, and she said, "You know, you could always run and go get one from a bookstore." Because he would probably be there a while longer.

So I got the girl's money back and I RAN, like, ten blocks to the nearest bookstore, out of breath--there were a few of us there, actually, hee--and then ran back. God. So, sweaty and out of breath, I came back and got in line and had him sign it for her.

I feel all happy because I missed my lunch hour and I got exercise and I made this girl's day. And you know, this was just A MORAL IMPERATIVE. Her idol was sitting *fifty feet* away from her just down the hall! And her boss wouldn't let her go! Jesus. I'm only sorry she missed his talk.

Now I want to go rent Evil Dead and watch it again.

But first, to work.
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