Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

A: Because it's there!

* "Another Saturday Night" is possibly the most upbeat song about loneliness ever. I need to revisit me some Cat Stevens.

* I just took 7 shopping bags of clothes that are now too large for me out to my car for donations. Do you know what this means? I will never have to launder those clothes ever again!!! Plus, I can go shopping now with a clear conscience because I have nothing--and I mean almost literally nothing--in my closet.

* Semi-productive weekend so far, much laundry, some light cleaning, and some highly effective napping. Yay!

* I just realized I've watched almost all of season one Stargate Atlantis. The two-parters are left, and a few other late-season miscellaneous episodes. The squeeing is pretty consistent here.

Q: Why post on LJ?


P.S. It is Pride today, and on the bus I saw a bunch of 12-year-olds, boys and girls escorted by an adult, all of them dressed in rainbows. Joy!

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