Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Alias on DVD

Anyone really keen to own all of Alias? They're selling used copies of all three seasons of Alias in the Half-Price Books near my apartment. (To be clear, there's only one of each of them.) With tax, it'd be $113 for all three sets. I'd check them to make sure they don't have any egregious scratches and (if they pass inspection) ship them to you free. You can PayPal me the cost of the DVDs themselves.

The one thing is that if there were any problems playing a disc/episode or two, a return wouldn't really be feasible (I think it's 7 days, so...). But I've never had problems buying stuff from them.

If anyone's *really* interested, let me know! "Serious offers only." ;)

ETA: Hmm. You can get all 3 seasons new on ("An exclusive") for just $145, with free shipping and probably no tax depending on where you live. For only $30 more, new is probably a much better deal. Oh well. :)

ETA2: And on, it looks as if all three season sets add up to $133.

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