Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

story ingredients, i.e., non-smutty kinks

Tonight I'll go home and write. When I do, I need...stuff. I have some ideas for the shape of the next J/V part, but I seem to be in audience-participation mode these days. So, I'm wondering what kind of things you'd like to see. *Your* ideas, not mine.

Though just to type what I'm thinking of--it's like the story is a recipe, and there are all these ingredients from a tiny pinch of salt to cups and cups of flour. So it could be anything from shoulder rubs to mission scenarios, or another outbreak of office homophobia, or grocery shopping.

Basically I'm just copying poshcat, who recently asked people to describe the non-smutty kinks that they liked to read (or watch, etc). The ones I listed in response to her post, for example, were:
  • Ensembles that work like a well-oiled machine, like in the movie Sneakers.
  • Competence.
  • Big, strong, *very* tough tough-guys (e.g., mercenaries) who are total gentlemen. E.g., who'll thrash wife-beaters to teach them to respect women. The kind of guy you'd assume to be a total homophobic redneck asshole who is actually completely tolerant of gays & all races.
Even if you aren't reading the J/V, this kind of thing would be fascinating for me, for future reference in other fandoms too. :)
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