Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

miscellany, part two.

1. I went for ADHD testing yesterday. I have a follow-up on Monday. I basically recounted my life story to the doctor. I love talking about myself, though, so that worked for me.

2. When I bought a copy of Joy Ride recently to rewatch (Paul Walker, Steve Zahn), I was startled to find that J.J. Abrams had written it. Woot. That's interesting. It's a difficult movie to watch in many ways. It makes me very tense. TENSION! Like, I'm at one of the climactic scenes and I shut it off midscene and haven't gone back to it in two days. But I like the movie. *g*

3. My love for you all is as true as my love for chocolate-chip muffins, and as comforting.

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