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24 June 2005 @ 10:14 am
the miscellany of friday  
PMS. I did have PMS. Wednesday was a sickeningly bad day, and the next day, yesterday, bang, period. I should have been keeping better track. Some months are worse than others, but this female thing does happen like clockwork. Sudden exhaustion, Super!Libido, and the one Psycho Day From Hell, which is almost always the day before the blood flows. I, um, feel rather better now. And appreciate all the comments, which again as always I want and still vaguely intend to answer but on the other hand the moving finger writes and having writ moves on, so....

Simon. The other day z_rayne linked to a highly cool essay on Firefly's Simon Tam, called Bushwhacked: Outer space, deviant sexualities, and FIREFLY's fanciest lad. Just really fun to read. ("I stand firmly by the assertion that if you call someone a 'man-ape gone wrong thing,' it's actually code for wanting to have hot monkey sex with that person.")

SGA. minnow1212 wrote Face Value, a completely fantastic M/S telepathy story that never goes where you expect it to go exactly (that being a good thing, in how it plays the reader along with a deft hand), and is full of human beings being human. It makes me feel for Rodney and for everyone else--Weir, Cobb, Zelenka. *tiny happy wibble*

SGA 2. We watched "Hide and Seek," "Sanctuary," and "Before I Sleep" last night. All good, and OH MY GOD, PEOPLE, I thought it very possible that you were all collectively and wishfully exaggerating about the jealous gayness of Rodney in "Sanctuary." But you WEREN'T. Holy Hannah. o.O

Clancy. I tried to read a Tom Clancy novel the other day. I got 50 pages into a 9000-page book, and then my eyes glazed over and my brain went to sleep. Too bad. I wanted to read a good CIA novel. Now I'm trying a Kirk McGarvey book by David Hagberg. Not bad so far.

PMS 2. I'm tired. Really really tired. And my face has broken out like a broken thing. I could not look any worse unless aliens were actually bursting from my flesh.

Weather. It's late June and it's cold enough that I saw a guy wearing a trenchcoat and a furry hat with earflaps this morning. Coming up is Seattle Pride and then the Fourth of July, and yet somewhere inside, I can't shake the feeling that it's still February.

And now I sleep work prepare to think about working.
Current Mood: whatever, dude.
julia_herejulia_here on June 24th, 2005 06:31 pm (UTC)
Actually, it's not uncommon for February and June to be similar in the Puget Sound Country. You can tell them apart because you are fairly unlikely to be awakened by daylight at 4:44 am in February.

I cheer myself by chanting "at least you're not living in a tent, at least you're not living in a tent, at least you're not living in a tent" as I did for five Junes in a row when I was in my early twenties. Funny the extremes one will be driven to to avoid watching television with ones parents.

Julia, having spent the morning pruing bloomed-out damask roses, another un-Februarylike occupation, except for the sweatshirt and plaid wool vest