Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


...I'm going to bed, to further unfold my AU where Vaughn is kidnapped by someone in the sex-trafficking industry and trained to be a sex slave, and there's much trauma, but before he can be sold he is rescued by Jack, who has secretly loved him for years. And Jack soothes him in the limo, and says very clearly that he will do *anything* Vaughn wants, no matter what it is, and Vaughn eventually says "Paris." So Jack takes him to Paris, having told no one in L.A. what's going on. And after some emotional negotiation, Vaughn realizes that he just wants to stay there. So Jack gets a transfer to the Paris branch and buys a swank Parisian flat, and creates a false identity for Vaughn, merely as a kind of psychological crutch, because Vaughn doesn't want to be "Vaughn" any more, just a guy named "Michael" who lives with Jack and was never with the CIA and never abducted. And because he doesn't want anything to do with that life, Jack never does tell anyone in L.A. what happened to him--everyone back at the agency just lives in terrible ignorance until one day when Sydney finds out, but never mind that. The point is that Michael and Jack live happily together, and while Jack is off at work Vaughn wanders around Paris, visiting museums and sitting in cafes during the day because he has no job. But eventually he takes classes and maybe teaches.

"What's a fandom without a pleasure slave fic? I ask you. A SAD fandom, that's what." -- circe_tigana

This insane mental lapse has been brought to you by OOC, LTD.

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