Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

god knows what else I'll get accomplished tonight...

I watched SGA with Sandy and then, as in now, I meant to write, but I think I'm fading. But I amuse myself by posting this,, I amuse myself.


"I saw Tom Seneca in the hall today."

Jack looked up rather sharply. "And?"

"He practically ran the other way." Vaughn smirked a little, despite his lingering soreness over how that matter had gone. He liked to think that not all his pride was masculine, but it was in this case. "I think he actually believed you'd kill him."

"What makes you think I wouldn't?"

That deserved an eye roll. "Even you aren't that unhinged."

"I prefer not to make idle threats." Jack neatly sliced a tomato into quarters. "If that kind of thing gets around, it can undermine a man's reputation."

"You *prefer* not to, but you did," Vaughn said, challenging the air of menace that Jack liked to cultivate. Actually, that menace was usually genuine, but he suspected that Jack coasted on appearances now and then like anyone else.

"Perhaps." The other man wasn't smiling, but his tone was mild.

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