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the obligatory ARGGGH.

I had just finished a long post, including a detailed, mixed review of Batman Begins--not to mention the funniest! LJ! content! ever!--and then lost it by clicking ahead in my browser. Oh my god, my lost genius! !%R#W@$(*&(&!~!!!

And now I have to work and can't take the time to retype it, and by this evening, I probably won't want to.

Anyway. The one thing I really wanted to mention is that I did work on J/V this weekend, and hope to post tonight.

ETA: Actually, to recap the highlights of this lost post:

  • Monday!
  • I worked out! I learned to box and kick! I want to punch people!
  • Then I wrote!
  • Funny funny stuff I can't remember!
  • This book is also funny!
  • Cillian Murphy!
  • Blah blah blah.
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