Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

mundanities of saturday

I know that posts like this are the banal talky-talky nadir of blogging, and even so. Witter witter.

1. I can't stop eating these Trader Joe's chocolate-covered orange jelly sticks. They put nicotine and heroin in all their candies and I think someone should do something about it.

2. I'm wiped out after my work-out and I can't focus enough to write. Bgahrrr!

3. I have many unwatched things I could watch, but I don't want to watch any of them, even though I thought I did. I'm a complex individual. So to kill two birds, I've popped in an ep of Alias. Jump-start me, oh beautiful surly Vaughn!

4. There is no spoon.

5. I'm seeing Batman Begins with anaxila and kjv31 at 5:00. {!!!!!}

6. Fuck. I know I had a six. Somthing about iced tea, or rocks, or the coldness of my feet. I will probably have to revisit this post in five minutes when it comes to me.


Jack, grimly: "Meet me in the parking garage in three minutes."
Vaughn, earnestly: "I'm out of condoms."
Jack, grimly: "Let me worry about that."
-- "Breaking Point"

Great episode.

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