Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I was lying on my bed thinking just now, and realized with a blurry little *ping* that my posts today maybe weren't so much reflecting the erratic yo-yo mood swings I've suffered in the past, but were--I think--a kind of thrashing, like a butterfly trying to work loose from all its stifling stickiness. The thoughts in my head today were "quitting my job" and "Prague". And the second one seemed a bit random, just the results of poking in my images folder. But I was thinking just now, and there's a connection there. I may really do it. I may quit the company sometime this year or early next, cash out, and do some traveling. I feel like I *can* do it. And I could visit people I've been wanting to see for a long time, in New York, L.A., England, Sweden (waves at flambeau). And then in six or seven months, or whatever, maybe I'll be rested enough to figure out what next.

ETA, I think it was that Steve Jobs speech too that put me onto this train of thought. He said good stuff--the possibly trite but also true kind of stuff. Live as if you were going to die. Which we are.

This weekend I want to do laundry, clean my closets, work out, eat crumpets with anaxila, watch some Stargate Atlantis, and write.
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