Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Blade Trinity, etc.

God, this movie sucks. And yet Ryan Reynolds is as hot as the movie is crap. Also, when asked how he finances his operation, he says: "I date a lot of older men." *brain fritzes out*

They made Parker Posey look ugly. How did they do that? She's freaking gorgeous. And hey. CKR's in this as a vampire. Weirdness. I'm surprised no one's taken that role and turned it into a thriving CKR subgenre yet. Has fandom forgotten how to sink to new and ridiculous depths?! So disappointing.

This evening I went shopping, picked up a prescription, did laundry, ate a healthy dinner, cleaned some dishes, got my brows waxed, and painted my toenails. Tomorrow I'm curing cancer. Keep your eye on CNN for news of that.

I keep staring at my icons. They make me happy.

I don't think I can write tonight. I'm brain-tired. I think *other people* should write some J/V for *me*. If you could see me right now, I'd be giving you the biggest puppy eyes ever--puppy eyes so huge and pitiful and mournful and longing that you'd break into sobs of shame and immediately feed me Milk-Bones write me schmoop and porn.

Back to the crappy movie...

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