Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

live the cliche

rahirah's post about fanon got me thinking. I realized, whoa: I'm in a fandom subgenre *so* *small* that:
  1. It has no recurring nicknames or verbal tics that drive everyone mad
  2. It has no fanon
  3. It has so little writing *at* *all* that it doesn't have enough badfic to be its own *genre*
Think about the implications of this.

One, I can have Jack call Vaughn "whelp" and no one will think twice! ... Okay, bad example. But you know what I mean.

Two, I can *make* the fanon. In fact, I make it now! Sloane went to Oxford! Weiss loves pickles! Vaughn has a mild phobia about squirrels!

Three...number three is just good.

Plus, you know how there's that thing when you're writing in a fandom and suddenly someone comes out with a telepathy story. And it's not just a great telepathy story. That would be okay. It's the *first* telepathy story and it's so freaking brilliant that it will *remain* the *definitive* telepathy story for that fandom. Forever. And so you never write a telepathy story. Because your writerly ego quails, your hands shake with nerves and flop sweat, the very idea makes you want to hide under your desk.

Well, ha ha ha! I can write every single wonderful cliche--FIRST! Actually, this may give the impression that I don't want other writers to tackle the same story ideas, but you'd be wrong. I love challenges where everyone does a variation on the same idea, and you get *thirty* telepathy stories all at once. I love the idea that something I write could lodge a kink in someone's head and they have to write it too. Because then I get to read it. But of course, with the above, I'm just talking about my own idiosyncratic writerly ego-reaction.

ETA: This post has been edited.
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