Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
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j/v spamlet

I always get sappy songtracked scenes in my head. There's always one stuck there, unwritten, at any given time, in the fandom du jour. Right now it's a J/V scene set to Ryan Adam's "La Cienega." Which is one of those wince-worthy not-right choices, because it has the phrase "How'd I end up feeling so bad for such a little girl" in it. *shame*

But it's a beautiful song, and I imagine and may someday write this bit about how Jack and Vaughn are together, but no one knows, and there's a mission Vaughn's running via the ops center. And something goes wrong and it's reported back that Jack is killed. He's confirmed dead by one of the other senior agents. Vaughn just takes his headphone off and shuts down, walking away to lean over on a desk, broken in shock, torn to pieces, and not able to really show anyone what he's feeling. Sydney's away, not immediately available to learn the bad news. And Vaughn leaves the office and just disappears for the night. He comes back the next day--he's only there to clean out his desk. It's over for him. He's compelled to go in, because the night before was a torn ragged edge, unfinished, and he has to bring Dixon his resignation. He knows he'll have to do some clean-up work before they let him go, but he's just: I've got to get out of here. I don't want to ever come back to this place.

So he comes in and it turns out that everyone's been looking for him, but his phone's been turned off, and Dixon and Weiss come up in relief, but behind them is Jack, who is actually very much alive and has just gotten home. And Vaughn sees him and is frozen, stunned, and he just walks up to Jack and buries himself in his arms and then kisses him, and Jack completely lets him, because it's the kind of joy that can't be contained and he was anguished knowing that Vaughn believed him dead.

And Sydney never has to go through the angst, thankfully, because she was incommunicado.

Some of you will recognize that I totally stole this idea from astolat's SGA story Transcendental. Either that or I had the idea before I read it and her scene just resonated. I forget. My mind is a blurry windshield between me and the world.

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