Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I knew if I typed "random word generator" into google it would give me fodder for a subject line.

I've been looking over my posts the last few days. I notice that when I get chipper, I also get dorky, corny, spammy, and lame. I am dwarves.

Even so, I got a permanent account today and LJ will never be rid of me.

I'm also addicted to polls at the moment, so I have the one below. I had a tiny epiphany last night when I realized what the "ticky box" option was for on polls--it's so that people who have no interest in *taking* the poll can choose something and thus see the poll results on their flist without skewing the results. At least, that's my theory. So I present ticky boxes.

The poll is about fiction, though. I have a piece of my next story finished, but I need to work while I'm at work, today, maybe the rest of the week. On work stuff that they more or less pay me for. I have issues with this, but I'm going to try. (And therefore, in theory, I'd only write in a mad frenzy at night, after work.) Anyway, I want to know what readers of the current J/V scribbling want from me. What do you want from me?! she cried.

Poll #508110 Posting of J/V fiction

Do you care how you read all this J/V fiction?

I want you to finish this next, probably longish story before you post it.
I want you to post what you have NOW, DAMN IT, NOW!
If you post what you have now, I'll want to resist until it's done, but I have the willpower of a small wedge of cheese. I will read it.
If you post a chunk of writing now, I will flaunt my vast willpower by not reading the story until it's done.
Ticky box.

And now, muffin.

ETA: Yes, this is my life.

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