Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

sunday nights kind of suck.

I wish I could love Sunday nights. You can only really love them, I think, if you know that Monday is going to be a glorious, carefree day when you don't have to work and someone is going to buy you a pony.

My weekend has partially sucked and partially not sucked. The not-sucking part largely has to do with watching Alias with sherrold. I want to do a whole long post about that, but I don't have the vim at the moment. That's unrelated to the show; that's just me. I'm blah right now and wish I wasn't. I'm behind on accomplishing things I need to do.

And on the whole I really don't have a lot else to say here.

For those of you following the obsession, a poll. Note, you can choose more than one, though if you choose all of them I'll of course just be back where I started and have no way to decide what to do next.

Poll #507146 next J/V story

What type of laughably cliched J/V story should I write next?

Vaughn goes rogue! We don't know why.
Vaughn is, somehow against all that is right and natural, a hustler.
Deep cover and very, very gay.
There's an OMC, homophobia, Jack is protective, and you know it's J/V, right?
Something else to be mentioned in comments.

(OMC = Original Male Character)

I am still just playing and scribbling, because thoughts on a longer more ambitious writing project haven't cohered. I'm just letting those thoughts drift around. After watching the last several episodes of S4, I immediately felt the urge to take all the amazing characters and give them a thorough, dignified, serious treatment that respects all their depths and facets and canonical interrelationships. And then I blocked that from my mind and wrote porn, for many reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture.

I think I may need some kind of cake or muffin or something.
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