Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I think I'm done with the shortcuts. That last one had closure for me, wrapping up loose ends. Plus the writing threw my week completely out of whack. I haven't even worked out. I need a break.

That said, I'll probably just go home tonight and write something else. This pairing makes me want to play with every absurd story idea ever conceived. By the way, when you're looking for an eclectic list of story ideas, don't google "fannish clichés cabin rape hypothermia prostitute." It just doesn't work. So, I guess I'm saying, more story ideas are welcome. I open up the floodgates again and wait to be swept away by you kinky, loveable freaks.

I'm behind on answering comments. I acknowledge my awareness of this. In other news I wore no make-up to work today. I hid behind dark sunglasses on my commute. I thought about wearing them at my desk. It's such a Friday.

*I pray to the gods of work to help me be diligent and industrious today, amen.*

Link of the day: Dilbert, kindly following up on my earlier coffee rant.
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