Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I yak a lot these days.

If you scroll back through the LJ calendar for this year, and then for last year, the trend is pretty clear. I seem to be especially hopped-up on this month. Maybe it'll taper it off. I feel like reassuring people who've friended me only recently: I don't usually post this much, I swear. But maybe you guys like it when I'm mouthy. I have no idea, really.

So I asked you guys for story ideas--stop! no! I've learned my lesson. Now I simply ask: what should the title of my next J/V shortcut be? If you tell me, like, now, I'll start writing. Like. Now. Because my chicken is still baking and Storm of the Century is muted on my TV screen for possibly the next six hours, and it's thundering.
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