Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

utter miscellany

1. "Shades of Grey" is a brutal Stargate episode. I just rewatched the scene where Jack tells Daniel there was no basis for their friendship. Gyahhhhhhhhhh. (And then Jack leaves Earth while Daniel stands there watching broodily. Gyah!) Thank god I resolved that more or less to my satisfaction before moving on. I still love Jack listening to opera--"Ridi, Pagliaccio!"

2. I spent three minutes guesstimating the relative popularity of online fandoms--in terms of number of stories written and vids made--to come up with this list that I'm sure everyone will disagree with. In descending order...
Harry Potter
Due South
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Phantom Menace
LotRiPS/Lord of the Rings
Queer as Folk
Pirates of the Carribean
Invisible Man
Battlestar Galactica

3. I'm getting older. I think a sign of this may be my fangirl interest in Jack Bristow and Jack O'Neill. Both older guys, both in no way "pretty men" in the usual BSO sense. Both of them terse, cranky, grey-haired guys who probably have bad knees. These are not my usual BSOs. And I don't know that I UST for them in the same way I do for Vaughn or Daniel, but they're under my skin. Though actually I'm USTing a lot over Jack Bristow. I love lethal men.

4. I wanted to use the postcoital line "Well, that didn't suck" for J/V then realized where I'd heard it before. Uh, Lilah/Wes. Yeah. Probably shouldn't lift from the Jossverse verbatim.

5. Mental note to self to do meta post on writing.

6. Went to AA this afternoon. But bailed on both gym and hanging with a friend tonight. And I ate a Milky Way. I'm a bit out of sorts.

7. After telling someone recently that Seattle never has thunderstorms, we immediately had some. We're having another one right now.

Seven! Seven miscellaneous things! Ah ha ha ha!
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