Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

so, hmm.

So I've more or less decided I'm going to rewatch all of the first three seasons of Alias, this time taking notes that will be useful for writing. That's the plan, anyway. You can probably see where I want to go here, which is to write stories much richer with canon context. Whereas the thing I just wrote was fast and loose, and I made up all kinds of shit as I went along. But I don't mind writing in a fast and loose style. When it's on, it's on, and it's fun. When it's on, you should use the juice and not hold back, and besides, nitpicking over canon trivia and facts and doing shitloads of research to get *just* the right line is also fun, but sometimes not. Sometimes it's a grind and you wonder why you tried to segue from porny happy scribbles to porny angsty epics.

But anyway. I want to write some more. What do you guys--you guys who are interested in more J/V--want to read? I'll probably just ignore you all, ha ha ha! but maybe I'll see an idea and clutch it to my hyperactive bosom and run to my keyboard and type like mad. Like I'm doing right this minute.

Dear god must go to the gym and burn off some of this manic energy before I drive you all insane.
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