Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Jacks and other things.

I may brood endlessly about whether everyone who answered "cat-food" to question #2 understood that I meant *your* breath, not *mine*.

Miscellaneous fact: In a fit of vicarious homicidal mania, I am rapidly acquiring the entire collection of Friday the 13th movies. I think this will be a big draw if I ever list a personals ad--for a certain target audience, anyway. "SWF, 36, likes bad horror movies, geeks. Can make popcorn."

Meanwhile, while making popcorn, I imagined a crossover of Jacks:

Jack Bristow is called to the SGC for some reason relating to espionage on foreign soil; the foreign soil in this case being some other planet. He is being briefed by SG-1 and General Hammond. Imagine everyone sitting around the briefing table: the members of SG-1 trying to figure out how best to tell him about the stargate, Jack sitting there in his impeccable suit, expressionlessly looking at them. Having richly experienced the limits of absurdity with Rambaldi, he is not easily surprised.

Sam: It's a technological device built by an ancient race of aliens that propagates field resonance spacetime tunneling--creating a traversable wormhole allowing for interstellar travel.

Jack: ...

Sam looks helplessly to Daniel.

Daniel, with hand gestures: Basically, it's a big doughnut-shaped gate, and you can turn it on and... [walking-fingers hand gesture] walk through it.

Jack: ...

Daniel: To other worlds.

Jack: ...

Daniel: In other *galaxies*.

Jack, stonefaced: I understand.

Daniel: I'm not sure you do, actually.

Jack O'Neill, confidingly: It takes a while for it to sink in.

Jack, staring at him: What makes you think I fail to grasp the significance of this information?

Daniel, head tilting rather diplomatically: Wellllll, most people usually get a little more excited when they learn that there are aliens. And that the Air Force is in the business of intergalactic travel.

Jack, blandly: What makes you think I'm not excited?

Jack O'Neill: Lack of...zest.
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