Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Fry cook. Lumberjack. Fish-cutter. Newsie.

I am holding a human brain. Actually it's just a squeezy stress ball given to me by anaxila. It'd be cooler if it were a real human brain. Right now, seriously? I'd rather be in a lab holding a human brain than sitting in this cubicle.

Because my level of diffusion and distraction is such that lightning could strike me dead at any moment--or, to put it another way, I could lose my job by being such a freaking FLAAAAAAAKE--I just made an imaginary income and expenditure table of just how little money I could live on if it came down to it. I'm fooling myself, of course. The income I came up with is about the same size of my yearly coffee bill. I'd also have to default on my credit card loans to sustain myself. And maybe give up my car.

I'm posting a lot these last few days. I'm rebounding from being sick and bouncing off the walls. The walls are not padded. Ouch.

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