Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Alias wallpapers and a rec

It's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and I am restless.

Someone has some great Alias wallpapers, many of them focusing on Vaughn and Sydney/Vaughn. There is also one called "The Boys", with images of Jack, Vaughn, and Sloane.

Then there's this Jack and Vaughn wallpaper, which, guh, except for how the light gray stripes distract me. (Found here.)

Random Bradley Cooper photos:
Dude. Squee.
And wow. (big picture)

Also, I read this great story yesterday, Six Months, by Ella. I like how the angst is implicit in the title. It's Will/Vaughn, but wow. The voices, the push and pull of the relationship--just amazing. There's, like, two tiny odd things that I think are glitches/typos, but otherwise it's dead-on. (Alias slash archive here.)

Have I mentioned that I love my nose stud? I can't feel it at all--no pain and no annoying tickle on the inside--and it looks like it's always been part of my facial design, which I think is why no one really seems to notice it. Which is fine. It's a subtle enhancement to my air of deep coolness, that's all. Ahem. Yes. *g*

LJ, are you out there? Be good to me.

I give you a cat curling-tongue yawn.

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