Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

vid rec of the day: The Dangers of Overshipping AKA Battleflag: The Brian-Justin Mix

It's old, but it never gets old. I could watch this a thousand times.

Battleflag: The Brian-Justin Mix* by sisabet (WMV)

(Main QAF Vid page here)

She calls it "messing around" but it's one of my favorite vids of all time. One of my favorite things in the universe, actually. I love that it resets the B/J prom dance--originally "Save the Last Dance For Me"--to Battleflag, and actually makes it work. I love the initial musical slide that ends on Justin's face as he sees Brian arrive, and the parallel slide later that ends on his face as Brian watches him through the window in his hospital bed. I love the club dancing and the prom dancing, with the intercutting to Brian's deadened face, and just all the sex-saturated moments between them that are set to the beat.

* As her site says, "This show is rated R. You must be 18 to download these vids. If you're not 18 and you download them, you will burn in everlasting hell for lying to me and deceiving my website. THIS is your warning. There will be no more. Turn Back Now. Don't blame me. I don't make the rules. I don't think children should go to hell."

(Note: This vid has MAJOR spoilers for QAFUS S1 and early S2, which I've kind of hinted at above & mentioned in comments.)

And now that I've given you all those warnings...go, watch, yes. Apparently I have to stop watching the vid and go back to work.

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