Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Sunday is 48 hours long, right?

There's nothing like sleeping twelve hours to...really make you feel kind of disoriented and hungry.

In random movie observations: Peter MacNicol in Ghostbusters 2 is freaking hysterical. Sometimes cable TV has a moment or two of life in it. Also, the third Friday the 13th movie--the one they did in 3D--is perfect for crap horror watching. I like identifying all the effects that would have originally been in 3D. And of course watching people die.

I went in to my doctor's for a liver function test and it came back normal. I feel incredibly fortunate--like I've made the right decision in *time* for once, instead of too late.

Tuesday will be 30 days sober. I want one of those little AA coins. Apparently in AA, your first day sober, from which you date your ongoing sobriety, is your "birthday." So my "birthday" is April 10.

I haven't felt much like drinking so far. I don't know what to make of that. Did upping my Prozac help, I wonder. Am I just riding a pink cloud for a while--when will it get harder? There's actually a risk when it feels too easy, because then you think: Hey, I can do this. And if I can do *this*, I can manage my drinking...once a week, only on Fridays... Etc. Which is where, previously, it's gone awry. So I need to watch for that impulse, among other things.

These people doing the Pepto-Bismol dance on my TV are creepy. It's important that you know this!

That is all.
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