Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


So I see I've hit a record friends mark today--for my own LJ, I mean--which is kind of weird because at the moment I feel like I'm much more unfannish than usual, and also uncreative in the writing department. Hello, new people. Things you should know about me:

1. I am often sleepy.
2. I don't answer comments as often as I should. My track record on e-mail is even worse.
3. I occasionally swoon ridiculously over freakish pairings like Spike/Lorne and Jack/Vaughn, though I don't have a thing for centaurs like some people I could name, people whom I'm not at all mocking, wait, yes I am. Mocking with great sniffly love.
4. I'm a work in progress.

Today I am still sick. I have another doctor's appointment because it's pissing me off, feeling like crud for a solid week. To medicate myself, I've been reading more of astolat's SGA fiction, which is the wow of my week. (I just read "Oblivious"--amazing grace and greatness.) These stories are giving me happiness times ten, even though I think at the moment I may have a fever which makes happiness a challenge.

I crawl toward my bed, waving goodbye to all you cool lovely Internet people.

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