Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


So I came down with a cold. Enough said.

Turning to a different subject, I need help. I have forgotten how to work. Depending on perspective, this problem is either a few months or a few years old. A progressive sort of illness, probably. I can't focus. At all. I'm lucky if I can work for five minutes at a time. I can come up with all sorts of theories and debunk most of them.

* I have ADD - Wrong, ADD does not begin in late adulthood
* I have brain fog - I'm accomplishing many other things; this is the exception
* It's nutritional - If so, improved diet, exercise, and vitamins aren't making a dent
* This is signalling the need for a major life change - Oh, yeah, I'll be muuuuuch more motivated if I leave this job and lose my insurance and become a fry cook

This seems like a simple willpower thing. I should just be able to say: "Anna, focus!" and presto, problem solved. But that isn't working. Those of you who get writer's block can probably understand this. There's something *there*. In the way. Those of you who don't believe in writer's block are sighing in exasperation.

I don't especially need theories as to why this is happening, though brilliant ones are welcome. What I need is:

* Brilliant techniques for overcoming this, and
* anecdotes about people who have lost their jobs because of massive failures of performance, with many attendant humiliations, to scare me into an aroused state of intense and energized focus that I can use to finish all my projects.

Sally Struthers says: "And maybe, just maybe, these inspirational stories can help others in need."
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