Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Overheard at work on a sunny day when I should be outside.

Junior managers grouped around white board:

Man 1, sketching with marker: "I call this C.P.'s customer-happiness probability matrix."
Man 2: "Was gin involved in this?"
Man 3, pointing: "Don't forget the 'oh-shit!' factor."

Guy, pausing at my cubicle:

Guy: "I'm going to steal your idea for a carpet."
Me: "As long as you don't steal my carpet."
Guy: "You have the most living-room like cubicle in the entire company."
Me: "Sadly, I sit facing outward and can't see most of my decor."
Guy: "But you experience the best peripheral vision in the company."
Me, trying to catch glimpses of posters from the corners of my eyes: "Good point."

Guy at next cubicle, talking to woman: "Does peanut butter exist?"

It's gorgeous out here in Seattle. Freaking gorgeous. Everyone agrees that it's the first real spring day. I may have to completely flake out and grab the fever and sneak away with it for the rest of the afternoon.

How can anyone be talking about click-and-drag tool tips on a day like this? LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, PEOPLE! Stand up and walk out! Join me in the revolution!

ETA: Oh my god, it's Earth Day! I hadn't even realized. *hugs the earth* I need to go lie down in the dirt somewhere for a while and just bliss out. I used to do that as a kid. My recess monitor would ask me why I was playing in the dirt, but I had no answer except, "I like dirt." This confuses most adults.

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