Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


At work I just got my yearly performance review and I got the highest score possible--4 out of 5. Which is the highest because the 5 is only a theoretical score. No one ever actually gets a 5, we've been assured. *eye roll* Because HR's paperwork is lagging behind, I won't learn more about possible compensation until next week. No raise--not so soon after getting a pay bump for this new position--but there might be some stocks in the offing. I've also heard rumors of bonuses for the first time this year, but I'll believe that when pigs flutter delicately by my six-story window I see it.

I really feel not at all deserving of this review score and will now anxiously try to live up to it by yanking my boots out of the muck of procrastination and chivvying my bleating project-sheep up the hill of my--oh my god the analogy is out of control!

Those vitamin supplements: I've been taking them all week. I have an impression of being more focused and alert during the day, but in the evenings I still slow down more than I'd like and I still wake up feeling drained. Will continue to report progress.

sherrold_ish further fed my Jack/Vaughn fantasies last night, giving them an even hurtier-comfortier twist. I told her that what I expected to be a one-day wonder of a pairing had turned into a one-week wonder and it was all! her! fault!

For which I thank her, because the sex-soaked interior walls of my head amuse and content me.

Where is that "focus" thing? I had it a moment ago...*looks around*.

ETA: Image of the day.
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