Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I am (still) fannish.

I've been wondering why I've felt so lukewarm about shelling out money for shows on DVD that I really do like--Nip/Tuck, Monk, Dead Like Me, S1 & S2 of Due South, etc. I haven't even seen all of first-season N/T and Monk, and these are tops on my Wish List. And yet. Then I thought about shows that aren't yet available on DVD, and realized that there are in fact some I'd snap up in a minute if they were/when they are:

  • Battlestar Galactica (full first 2004-5 series)
  • Invisible Man (only in UK right now, sigh)
  • Odyssey 5 (sob)
  • Action (coming out soon)
  • News Radio (coming out soon)

    Obviously I recommend these.

    I want the other shows too. I'm just trying to be gentle on my credit card, and I still have three full sets of Buffy & Angel seasons I haven't rewatched yet, so....

    I dedicate my icon to the bastards who have not yet released Odyssey 5.

    ETA: Sadly, I think I was wrong about Action coming out soon. Also, I commented with some pimpful show descriptions.
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