Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Monday, cont.

Someone on a list I'm on pointed out this Discover Magazine article about alternative vitamin therapy. I went and ordered a bottle of the supplements they were primarily talking about, from I just took my first set of vitamins with lunch. I'm not someone who goes in for snake-oil promises, but the article was encouraging. I'm keen to see if this works as advertised and I get more energized. I need to. Despite working out and trying to get a few more rungs up via antidepressants, I am tired and unfocused. It worries me particularly as it relates to work, because I just can't concentrate during a time when I desperately need to prove myself, being in a new position under a new manager.

Days like this I need some benevolent deities to beseech.

ETA: When I initially posted the link to the Discover article, it showed the entire thing; now it only shows an abbreviated version. This is a full cached version of page one, at least. Grrhrrmph.

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