Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Stargate recs etc.

I'm just going to prod people over to destina's journal (::shoving motions::), as in the last few days she's posted her own happy!horny! J/D story, Endurance, and some great recs too.

Also, what she said, which to refit to my own issues, is: I'm often tired and distracted and a touch crabby, but comments are cheering, even if I don't answer them. I always *want* to answer them, but don't always attain that goal. Just so you know, if you're a new reader or something. I actually wish that first-time comments by new readers were flagged in some way, because I'd make an extra effort to answer those. I imagine someone making a shy little mouse-peep of a comment, but I don't recognize it as such, and fail to answer it, and then someone gets very disappointed and retreats into lurkerdom and I've missed a chance to chat. Though admittedly even when someone says, "Coming out of lurker mode..." to comment, I often miss the boat there too. I've punished myself for these sins by wearing tight shoes today, and forgiven myself by taking them the hell off.

More on shoes later.

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