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ha ha HA!

I think I've managed to convince sherrold of the True Love of Alan and Billy in JP3. (Then again, she's, um, not really hard to convince of these things. Usually. She does resist Sparrow/Norrington, very wrongly.) By the end of the evening we were watching last week's Alias and trying to think of ways to slash Jack/Vaughn. Because we're all about taking the impossible and making it plausible. If you're blind, deaf, and from Mars, I mean. But then again, like I said to her, I wouldn't have thought Jack/Will could work either. Speaking of which. You know what fandom is like? Fandom is like having a Christmas tree in your house all year round, and occasionally waking up to find a spectacular present under it, sometimes when you're hoping for it and sometimes when you least expect it.

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