Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Yesterday I took a day off working out. Today I took a day off work, but did work out. In a half-hearted way. Shot baskets for a half hour, treadmilled at a languid pace for another twenty minutes. I didn't feel so hot this morning but am better now. On the way home I stopped at Half-Price Books and on a videowhim bought all the Jurassic Park movies, the first two really just as primers for rewatching the third--easily the slashiest mainstream "family" movie ever made. Plus I love saying "Alessandro Nivola" over and over. I bought The Fugitive too. Also slashy. Two of my rareslash fandoms.

I buy videos to fill the existential void!

Just so you know.

I told myself I'd come home and maybe answer some deserving e-mails and comments. Ha ha ha ha! ...I'm going to sit on the couch now and stare trancelike at the dinosaurs.
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