Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

riding with reapers.

This morning on the bus I may have had a brush with death. I noticed a girl sitting across from me. She uncannily resembled Daisy, one of the grim reapers from Dead Like Me, and you could tell she knew it. She styled her hair like Daisy's, dressed like her, and carried herself in a similar way. She made me nervous, because what if she was there to guide me across the threshold to death, you know? As the next stop came up, she just sat there calmly. As I stood, I thought: if she suddenly gathers her things to get off, she's clearly going to reap me. And she started gathering her things. I pressed close to the front and leapt off when the doors opened to make sure she didn't sneakily brush against me with her reaper touch, and then hurried away, looking over my shoulder to see if she followed. But she didn't. So maybe she was off to reap someone else. Creepy girl.

After that I kept looking upward for falling masonry and pianos.

I think I need another cut-tag for drinking issues, instead of "Intemperate thoughts." It seems a little on the negative side. Suggestions?

I know I had other stuff to say, but I can't remember what it is. It is a terrible loss for you all. No, really. *eye roll*

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