Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

make it so.

Oh my god. I had the best dream ever this morning. I dreamed that I was catching up on an unwatched episode of Alias. In it, Sark finds out that he's one of two alien children, a hybrid a la X-Files. As someone exposits the backstory there are these visuals: eons ago, we had alien visitors who built a city in the Arctic; a icy valley filled with buildings resembling tall, smooth white tubes. At some point, a catastrophe occurred--an earthquake--and the city crumbled. Two pregnant aliens were trapped in the collapsed rubble and were miraculously preserved. Flash forward: government excavations in the Arctic uncover the preserved alien lifeforms, and they're used for experiments.

So, Sark hears this news and starts to cry, because he's so bitter and furious to find out that he's the product of freakish government experimentation. This completely fucks with his head. He feels used. He goes into hiding with Nadia, who is possibly the other alien child, and they set themselves up in a safe house, in an apartment he's used before. Unfortunately it's not long before APO finds them. Several agents burst in to capture Sark. As they surround him and advance with their guns, he desperately tries to wake the latent mental powers he's been told he has. With intense effort, he succeeds and forces the agents back one by one, controlling them with his mind.

Sydney, Vaughn, and Jack arrive and there's great confusion--Sydney hadn't been told anything about what's going on. A demonstration follows in which Sark, viciously relishing the moment, commands the agents to come here, and then to sit on the floor, then to stand again, then to sit again--a series of sharp, humiliating commands, one after the other. Sydney watches in amazement. When she understands what's been done to Sark, she immediately becomes angry at the government and protective of him--eventually she helps him escape again and hides him.

In the dream, I watched this and ran around my living room in circles, shrieking in excitement, and then dashed to LJ, which had exploded with screaming, squeeing posts. Everyone was going crazy, and Sark was suddenly this intensely sympathetic character, everyone's new woobie, and you could tell that a million romantic Sark/Syd stories wouldn't be long in coming.

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