Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

obligatory tgif yay

All the time-filling ideas you guys offered in my last entry are great! I've mentally bookmarked a bunch of them, and am still working my way through the comments. Thank you. :)

I visited my psych-meds guy this morning--not my therapist, but the guy who reviews my prescriptions. I'm upping the Prozac, and am looking forward to see what that does.

Managed not to drink last night--posting my question in LJ, if nothing else, helped keep me in line. In line, no wine. This is good; but it's the weekend and the thirst is pressing at my throat. PMS is wearing off, but I've had two nosebleeds in the past 24 hours--that's a revisitation of an old irritation. :P Partly because of that, I'm not feeling the gym love this afternoon.

This is just a drive-by blah blah blah. I've really got nothing interesting to say, but if I slip on a banana peel on the way home and fall down a flight of steps and break my neck, I'd like to leave the world knowing I've said one last hello to you a way that's more or less incidental to me talking self-absorbedly about me. Er, yes. Hello!
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