Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

"It seems like they forgot to have things happen in this movie."

The good news: I found chocolate-covered pretzels at Trader Joe's after a week of craving. The bad news: I ate 50...000. But the good news again: Pretzels. And also I went to the gym today and sweated off at least 25,000 of them. I shot baskets! Both today and yesterday. I loved it. I have a surprising degree of hand-eye coordination even after all these years.

After going seven days without drinking I drank Friday. I had only a few drinks, though, instead of a whole bottle, so that's something. Sleep saved me. I think it was eight when I fell tiredly into bed. Sleep sleep sleep. That's been my week. But working out, too--four times. It's been great, getting my heart rate up again.

In recent weeks I've felt like Steve Martin channeling Lily Tomlin in All of Me: two distinct people trapped in one body, pulling it in different directions. Conflicting impulses.

You know how you want to say stuff but you just can't work up the effort to do so? I finally saw last Wednesday's Alias and it was great. I rewatched to the end of Ultraviolet with sherrold yesterday and it was great. But what do I need to say about any of that? Nothing, really. Marshall = absolutely awesome. Jack Davenport = pretty and angsty.

And in conclusion, chocolate-covered pretzels are crack.
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