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29 March 2005 @ 03:58 pm
"Your moo goo gai pan is good, but your prophecies are terrible."  
I've been taken by the idea lately of writing pairings that are of no great interest to me, and seeing if I get more interested in them through writing. Examples: Angel/Buffy, Gunn/Fred, Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Xander, Angel/Xander, Giles/Xander, Spike/Dawn. And so on. Many of these pairings are het. I probably won't write them, but I think about it.

I have spent the day so far battling bundt cake Photoshop, html fragments, shtml, css, and server delay. I now want to kill things. Or eat peeps. Or kill peeps, eviscerating their mallowy guts before eating them. Some combination of the above.

Thank god there was no javascript or I'd have to kill puppies.

I haven't had a drink in several days and am feeling pretty good about that. I've been rereading Drinking: A Love Story and want to post excerpts at some point. It's a brilliant book. As I was reading, I mentally listed characteristics of my own drinking (drinking alone, drinking when stressed, etc), and was going to write them down, but then my interest in doing so waned. Maybe another time.

wesleysgirl posted a link to Zug's Pranks. I'd read The Credit Card Prank before ("How wacky do you have to make your signature before someone will notice?") but that's it. These were in varying degrees hilarious and disturbing. (And inappropriately hilarious at that, but I am twelve.)

Things I've done so far this week:

- Bought lipstick and remembered to tithe the homeless
- Worked out and did not let myself get traumatized by the Stairmaster despite its attempts to destroy my will to live
- Did laundry, lots of laundry
- Cut down on breakfast and lunch spending
- Watched pigeons

That last one probably won't advance me far along the karma track, but their little toes are funny.

Bonus link of the day.
Anna S.: angeleliade on March 31st, 2005 12:10 am (UTC)
Re: Hm...
Writing pairings that don't interest you? Hm... that's a new thought.

What I'm thinking of is, like, what is Buffy's POV about Angel in, say, season two, when it's all this fresh and passionate wanting, and she's sixteen and he's two-hundred and sixty, or however old he is. It would be interesting to try and get into her mindset from an angle I hadn't tackled before, to try and understand her better--very young girl, new to Sunnydale and to her slayerness, experiencing first love, budding sexuality, etc.

Gunn/principal Wood maybe? Fred/Riley?

Oh, you picked interesting ones. *g* Gunn/Wood would be pretty.

Anyway, I friended you and I just thought I should drop by and say hi.

Hi! :)

"Roads Less Traveled", and is a fantasy fic with a current Spangel pairing.

I'm reading S/A more now--I must remember to check it out, thanks!