Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

saturday night

So what *should* I die of, obesity or cirrhosis?

I'm not drinking. However, I just bought peeps, chips, and a chocolate bar. Those are food groups, right? Shut up.

I also got a handful of chores done today, called to verify AA meeting times tomorrow, and pulled out my copy of Drinking: A Love Story to reread as an object lesson. I've only ever been to one AA meeting, but I'm feeling needful. I think I kind of hate talking about this, but I am anyway.

Generally speaking I'm not fond of love triangles, but I'm liking the Syd-Michael-Lauren thing more this time around. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy Evil!Lauren a lot more too, now that I'm not expecting quite so much.

And what's up with Weiss/Syd? It's like, for 3-4 eps, the romantic foreshadowing was so heavy you'd think for sure the writers were going to take the show in that direction, but then it dries up. Did they contemplate it and then decide not to go there? I just can't tell. Weird.
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