Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

subject lines are of the devil!

Random shit.

Best. Buffy meme. Ever. I've run so far down memory lane now that I'm weak-kneed and breathless and ragged.

Also, benaresq wrote a hot little S/X PWP, with laugh-cracking lines like, "My cock is stupid. It dated Cordelia. Please ignore anything it tries to contribute to this discussion." And, Spike had always loved it when his food played back. Happy birthday to me! Even though it's, okay, not my birthday.

radio_kfkd could easily shape up to be my favorite new community, I think. Click through to the user profile to read the charter. The name is gacked from the writer Anne Lamott. A representative quote:
K-Fucked radio, the writers' station, was on all the time -- out of the left speaker came the endless stream of self-aggrandizement, and out of the right speaker the report that the book is an unmitigated disaster, that my career is over, my future behind me and I will have to go to work for the phone company. Or AOL.

In other words, the insidious station that tells you you're a hack, you should stop writing and go eat a muffin, that every word from your fingers is like a tiny bug on the page to be squashed, et cetera.

More later...

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