Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Alias: Phase One

Rewatching S2 I was increasingly conscious that I was really waiting for the Francine Double arc to begin, because it kicks a hundred kilos of ass. I was rather bored by the Irina stuff this time out; I think I felt the same thing last time I rewatched, but it grew even more apparent this time. Lena Olin is wonderful in many many ways, and gorgeous too, but after a while the character and the treatment (a la Silence of the Lambs) palls.

I'd forgotten that it was only in this ep that Will and Francie got together (in their Annie Hall way) and that in the very same ep Francie was killed. FRANCIEEEEEEEE! It's so wrong. So. wrong. But I love that twist, and the sudden take-down of SD-6, which I'd mistakenly thought occurred much later in the season. And Dixon's angst! Man, Dixon. He's just great in this. As is Sloane. Sloane: he's like Spike. Amazingly wicked and nuanced and complex.

It's about this time in the series that I lose track of the point of it all--Sloane's machinations are beyond me, and I can never remember what the whole Rambaldi deal is, when you get down to it. But at this point in events, it's still cool.

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