Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

The things of my weekend.

I went downtown this morning and had a crumpet with cream cheese, cucumber, and onion, then accomplished a goal of finding two great but inexpensive sweaters--having thrown away some of the threadbare dreck in my closet--original retail $100, priced down to $20 for the pair. I spent $25 and gave $3 to the homeless. I decided I'm going to try to tithe 10% of whatever I spend shopping to the homeless. We have a 8.8% sales tax in WA, but still. I'm talking about clothes and stuff, of course; not food.

Finished S1 of Alias and am entering S2. It's so easy to rewatch--it's like really good fanfic. I think one of my favorite moments in TV is when Will, beaten and bloody, walks up to Jack. I always have a moment of thinking he's going to punch Jack. And instead he walks right into him and hugs him and says thank-you with such heartfelt gratitude that my eyes tear up. He's such a great character.

Made chocolate-chip cookies last night, just because I wanted to make cookies. I ate a few and boxed the rest for coworkers. Nestle's toll-house cookies are best in their making, especially the dough. Once they're done, they fall a little flat.

And yay, I finally hooked up again with my physical trainer and am going down to the new gym at four, to meet her and to start my membership. Very expensive, it's going to eat into my raise and I'm going to have to significantly reduce my sessions with her. On the upside, the gym is better, and has classes such as Pilates, which will supplement training. It's been over two months since I've trained--even worked out really. I'm achingly keen to get back on track. Winter is sucky and draining for some things.

Money is much on my mind. I've already started cutting back on eating out, which has always taken a big toll on my wallet. Last week was my first go at regularly eating breakfast at home and bringing lunch. (I know.) It was pretty successful, actually, and I'm going to fiercely buckle down.

I had a few really bad drinking nights last week, alternating with dry days. Mostly dry on the whole, and I've gotten through the weekend as well, coasting through on a wave of vague blahness.

I looked into Rational Recovery online. Weird. I walked through their mental reconditioning plan, full of odd guided imagery--imagine that you have this beast within you that wants to drink, etc. ("Your beast is grateful; your beast wants a place to mingle with other beasts.") Very much a Jossian vampiric metaphor, carried to extremes. Which I did find quite engaging and interesting, though not in the way I think they intended. Oh well.

Those are my thoughts of the day. Except to say that you should try eating big fat juicy oranges with little bits of Hershey's chocolate, because it's awesome.
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