Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


It's Friday and creeping up on four o'clock and I am SO SO SO bored. So I will talk about TV.

Last night I (re)watched two eps of Ultraviolet with sherrold, and was renewed in my Jack Davenport love. I do recommend this series as a nice, broody, British treatment of vampires. The DVDs are linked to The Kindred set on anyone watch that Fox series? Was it any good?

I also continue to interrupt my Angel S5 watching in favor of first-season Alias. Which reminds me, another question: can anyone summarize the salient points of Wednesday's episode? In terms of arc development if nothing else. I missed it, having stumbled to sleep early, and I don't remember seeing any posts about it.

Tonight I may rewatch "Teacher's Pet" (BtVS), inspired by spacedoutlooney's post on the episode. *random Xander love*

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