Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

three things I saw yesterday

On the bus: a two-year-old on his mother's lap. At first he splayed there on his back looking up at her, stretching his arms out like a desperate starfish and grizzling unhappily. When I looked back a minute later though, he'd swiveled around and was leaning over his stroller. His mother had him loosely belted to her lap with one arm, and was looking off to the side, paying him no attention as he handled the stroller straps. Here's the strangeness: it was as if after successfully distracting her, he'd revealed his true nature, an alien or adult trapped in a small body. He fiddled with the straps and buckles with perfectly articulate hands and the focused intensity of someone who is sabotaging his harness in preparation for a planned jail-break. His movements were that of an adult--they conveyed a sophisticated physicality, a level of body language beyond his age. When he finished his work, he returned to being a normal two-year-old, and looked around vacantly.

Also on the bus: a large Indian woman who resembled Marilyn from Northern Exposure. She had long black hair with a scattershot of silver. She settled in front of a man who was sitting upright with one hand resting on the back of her seat, as if maybe he was getting off at the next stop. As the bus moved, the woman removed her hair-tie, shaking her hair loose. A long furl fell across the man's hand while she brushed her own hands through it; she wasn't aware, and he didn't move his hand. He just sat there accepting it like a gift of sensation as she stroked and regathered her hair.

I had to bring my laptop to the Help Desk. A sign hung on the outside of the man's cubicle: "Welcome to the Garden." As I sat there, I noticed bags of potting soil, two plant-growth spritzers, a bag of fertilizer sticks, empty pots, and some garden tools. There was only one living plant, though, a tiny cramped-looking ivy in the corner of his desk. I can't decide if he was just getting started, or if he was down to his last survivor.

Also, GIP. I know other people have versions of this icon too, but I can't let it stop me. Because I want to stare at it more often, imagining shorn Spike.
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