Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

random Alias love.

I rewatched several episodes of Alias in the past few days. I still love those first eps, especially for the sheer amount of ground they cover. Something else they did beautifully then was interpolate the professional stuff with the personal in a way that didn't annoy. Like, Syd calling Francie on her cell to talk relationship stuff during a mission prep, or doing a drop as they walked by a trash can together. Syd trying to have dinner with Jack, who blows her off. Will unable to stop investigating Danny's murder, emotions inextricably mixed, regret and helpless infatuation.

And Will! And Francie! I miss them. I cared about Francie and Charlie's ups and downs, and Will's treatment of his assistant added this great boorish facet to his character. The writers let things take their own natural time, without forcing everything into pat resolutions--I mean, all those cliffhangers! They totally broke out of the constraining box of the one-hour episode format. It was all so cool. Plus, Syd and Michael were new and shiny, and Jack was still hard to pin down, and Sloane was scary. And they soundtracked *everything* so that even a shot of Syd walking down a hallway was so! damn! exciting! And when she and Anna Espinosa were running all over the place, constantly jostling for one-upmanship and kicking each other silly? Sweet.

Love, love, love.

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