Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

2 things I've read this past 24 hours

Icarus Rising by Darla Darko, a Harry Potter (H/D) "Veela" story, which is a WIP with 10 chapters up. Draco is a mute amnesiac telepathic Veela. With wings. And a puppy named "Baby." And a--well, I won't mention that here. It's a fun story. In many places, it's like the pure distilled essence of my kinks. This could easily be Spike and Xander, for me, in how they play out some of my fantasies--a Spike who is mute, feral, fiercely protective, obedient, desperate for love. The scenes in the jail are some of my favorite; they have a lovely poignancy; strangely, the sex didn't kick me where I live--I'm usually all about the sex. But all in all, fun.

Dogs of War by tabaqui, which is a keen S/X AU that takes the Initiative to its most extreme possibility. And there's mute, hurt Spike! Happy sigh. This is a story that moves fast, in loose-limbed sprints, the author kicking it forward from point to point like a soccer ball toward its goal, without worrying about getting muddy along the way. And, uh, I've taken that analogy to its most extreme possibility. But this was very cool.

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